Tech Writer This Week for July 31, 2014

Will it be a hit or not?

Will it be a hit or not?

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week, we’re thinking about striking out.

It happens.

Rocky needed two films to conquer Apollo Creed, Michael Jordan claims to have missed 26 game winning shots in his career and lest we forget about mighty Casey. Sometimes when things are most critical the speech goes south, the interview bombs and / or the report is late (darn dog). Of course, it’s not about the strikeout that matters but how we recover from it. Granted, if there’s been a number of strikeouts in a set period of time it does get more difficult to get back into the batter’s box but how else will we get a hit?

Maybe we should read the directions the next time.

This edition is mostly Technical Communications with just a few Content Technology and Strategy articles to keep the batter looking. We’ve sent the so-so articles to the minors and kept only the home-run hitters for your box score.

Here’s a few while you’re sharpening your cleats:

Never fear – you’ll never be caught looking in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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