Tech Writer This Week for June 12, 2014

Home is Where the ...

Going …

Sandwiches in plastic boxes, lost baggage and about 5,000 miles of travel are dominating our thinking in this edition of Tech Writer This Week. While all have been necessary and helpful, oh baby, it’s time to go home.

While we have been getting our marbles together and stowed in our bags, we didn’t forget that our job around here is to find the home run technical communication and customer experience management articles and put them all in one place, while throwing the pretenders out of the game. We found them, but it was a little harder than normal – more like watching cricket than baseball this week. Don’t worry, they’re all in this edition ready for your review.

Here’s a few to hold you over while we’re sharpening our spikes:

For those of you scoring at home, or even if you’re alone, it’s our going home edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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