Tech Writer This Week for June 5, 2014

Judging the Best Articles on the Web

Judging the Best Articles on the Web

The gang at Tech Writer This Week spent most of the week contemplating the future of Technical Communications before turning our attention to contemplating whether this entire world is real, or if we just woke up a few minutes ago and everything before this moment was a dream. Before sending us to the docks for bad humor and a paragraph that doesn’t really hang together that well, may we recommend mediation? It’s like a trial but with twice the cost and half the effectiveness.

June is often a slow period for great content since many enter into summer holiday mode. But at least for this first full week of June, that’s far from the case. We have some great articles on technical communication and customer experience management plus a few – man I’m in a career prison – job search articles.

Here are a few of the best of the best while we’re arranging our briefs:

More fun than a Perry Mason vs. Matlock made-for-TV movie is just a click away in Tech Writer This Week.

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