Tech Writer This Week for March 6, 2015

swans and gulls

Seen any good feeding frenzies lately (and we don’t mean the latest from celebrity faux pas)? Some weeks are just full of interesting, or at least lively, debates on the discussion list and in the forum. And spring conferences are gearing up rapidly, so be prepared for your Twitter feed to light up. For us some of the best frenzies come from observing how big airlines and technology companies manage to fail on the support and customer experience fronts. And when our writers come up with a new take on a current issue in our tech comm and content worlds, sometimes we get a frenzy, other times it’s a chance to merely float along, paddling a few times to keep things moving.

We’re curious about whether standards and frameworks significantly impact content creators, or if discussion about all the available ones merely muddies the waters.  You can add your vote and your thoughts at our latest poll. And Mark Baker has some thought-provoking commentary on structured writing and whether it can actually meet users’ needs in his last Users’ Advocate column… this is a fascinating transition to a new series he’ll be writing for TechWhirl on structured writing.

Out beyond the shoreline of the TechWhirl pool (see what we did there?), we found a lot of fascinating posts on topics that, rather than chum to stir up a gaggle or two, should serve as some delicious and nutritious feeding of our content-oriented brains:

You’ve got some time, so dive into the tempting pieces we’ve curated for you in the latest edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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