Tech Writer This Week for May 1, 2014

April showers bring …

The April showers pounding TechWhirl’s offices will certainly pave the way to toward beautiful May flowers. Yes indeedy, only four more snows for Iowa, North Dakota and Atlanta and this whole winter thing is in the books. Someone once said that the reason Chicago has so many festivals during the spring, summer and autumn is because people just have to get out of the house after the long winter. We wonder if that’s why there are so many tech comm and content strategy conferences in spring and autumn?

At Tech Writer This Week , we love a good conference, and we love picking some of the most beautiful posts from the week and sharing them with you. Our diligent team of explores roll through the valleys and plains finding the blue ribbon flowers and discarding the weeds so our bouquets are award winning and never wilt. A good week in digital publishing land with articles ranging from writing tips to a comprehensive list of conferences for the year.

Here are a few pedals before we head to the garden for a good, stiff, drink article:

More flowery goodness can be found in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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