Tech Writer This Week for November 20, 2014

Has Winter arrived?

There are probably a number of UX and tech comm folks in the northeastern US contemplating the usability of snow shovels after six feet of the white stuff are on the ground. We sympathize, but are delighted that it’s not something we have to tackle right now. On the other hand, we have been plowing through a veritable blizzard of comms and content-related posts from around the world to find some worthy acorns ready to sprout no matter what the weather has wrought.

In addition to a new template, TechWhirl published a great piece from Dan Goldstein, with the awsome title “Natural Born Auditors.”  Good stuff for those thinking new opportunities to flex those tech comm muscles. Our November poll question is showing some interesting results on content creators’ place in the organization, and we want to see a few more folks weigh in.

After reading, commenting and voting, take some time to crack a few of those snow-covered acorns like:

The role of technical communication in customer experience

3 Reasons You Can’t Just Ask Customers What They Want

Content fragmentation and the user experience

There’s plenty more over in this edition of Tech Writer This Week

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