Tech Writer This Week for November 28, 2014

wishboneOK, that’s it, the silly season officially takes off today. The colors and nicknames of the days that lead up to the big December holidays may say some interesting or trendy things about content and customer experience, we haven’t really decided yet. But rather than risk being run over at the shopping malls, we’re spending some time digging up decidedly non-silly  posts about tech comm, customer experience, content strategy and usability.

In fact, the frenzy of commerce (e- or otherwise) that occurs at this time of year lends itself to dissecting, evaluating and applying customer experience and communication best practices throughout the buyer journey. In between the food comas, American football broadcasts, and the determination to avoid the shopping chaos, we were able to publish some noteworthy content on TechWhirl (and dont’ forget, you still have time to vote in the November poll on our place in the org chart), and came up with some interesting stuff that’s worth sharing, including:

We’re glad to fulfull your wish for more hearty content and conversation in this edition of Tech Writer This Week

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