Tech Writer This Week for September 18, 2014

National Symbol of Scotland, the thistle

National symbol of Scotland, the thistle

We’re thinking about independence in this edition of Tech Writer This Week. Defined as a condition in which a person, state, or nation exercises self-government and determination. Children strive for it, the people of countries have fought for it, entrepreneurs dream of it and Scotland may possibly vote for it later today.

Of course, independence can only exist within a limited boundary. The child is dependent on larger protection often not seen, the entrepreneur is dependent on sales and countries dependent on everything from trade to the power if its enemies. Here at TechWhirl, we can write the greatest and most independent articles, but we’re dependent on having someone to read them. And, someone to pay for them.

In this week’s Tech Writer This Week, the articles are independent, plentiful and diverse – just the way we like them. Posts on communication, software tricks, content strategy, careers and a some upcoming conferences all await your vote.

Here’s a few while you’re waiting in line at the polls:

Grab your kilt, your cup of tea and join us for this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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