Technical Communication Poll: Best Career Prospects

All through August we’ve been talking about Spy vs. Spy (or Spy versus Spy for the pickier among us).  We’ll top off our coverage tomorrow with the Great Debate: “It’s all Marketing” or “It’s all Technical Communication.”  Because we love a good debate as much as anyone, and the marketing/technical communication debate has raged for a long time, we thought a representative from each field putting their cards on the table would be interesting, entertaining and highly debatable.  You may find that there are fewer differences between the two disciplines that you might have originally believed, but we’ll let you be the judge when you read the opposing platforms tomorrow.

This is also the time of the year when many technical communication professionals decide it’s time to get serious about new career directions. So this week’s poll ties the two together nicely and asks “Which professionals have better career prospects: Technical Communicators or Marketers?”  While it’s an easy question to vote on, we really would love to hear the reasoning behind your point of view.  We know that folks move in and out of the technical communication (and marketing, and pretty much any other field), up and sometimes down the career path, and often add other duties to those they have as a technical writer.  Do the career prospects change if you take the short-term, get-the-next-job point of view rather than the “where do I want to be in five years/ten years” view? Are there organizational, economic, geographic or corporate culture factors that affect prospects in technical  communication more or less than prospects in marketing?

So take a second to vote, and then take a few minutes to post a comment explaining why you believe the way you do, if it’s something you as an individual or the whole profession can change, or if it’s really outside our control. Then if you’d like, wander over to the TechWhirl email discussion list, and start or add to a conversation among the Whirlers.

Which professionals have better career prospects: Technical Communicators or Marketers?

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