Technical Communication Poll: Professional Resolutions for 2013

2013 technical communication pollA new year always means new resolutions.  Rather than the tried, true and tiresome promises to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise regularly and be nicer to the kids and the dog, TechWhirl wants to focus this first technical communication poll of the new year on practical, achievable and ultimately satisfying resolutions to make our professional lives easier and more successful.

The technical communication field grows more challenging and complex by the day, and what was sufficient even a few years ago often  no longer meets the objectives of employers or colleagues, much less our own personal need for satisfying, well-compensated, and interesting work. Our technical communication poll includes a couple of the obvious resolutions, such as finding a new job or getting a promotion, that impact large numbers of us regardless of where we’re located.  The economy everywhere is fragile, and technical communicators don’t have a lock on stable employment opportunities, so we’re figuring this will be a desired resolution for some, and a necessary one for others.

Beyond the obvious, the changing requirements of our field, and the global nature of business in general mean that technical communicators are going to places, and taking on responsibilities in the organization, that are new, and often uncomfortable.  On the other hand, we’re often as techno-geeky as any certified engineer or cowboy coder, so we imagine that significant numbers of technical communicators are relishing the challenges that 2013 will bring.  If you’re looking at doing more with less (and who isn’t?), maybe you’re thinking about the steps you need to take to minimize the workload.  If you’re interested in making the discipline and your team more central to your organization or business, then mastering some new skills or taking on some new tasks may be in order.

Take a few minutes to vote and to give us your thoughts on what kind of professional resolutions those of us in technical communication need to make—and keep—in 2013. Feel free to jump over to the email discussion list and start a new thread as well.

And by the way, from the gang at TechWhirl, best wishes for a happy, productive, satisfying and resolute New Year.

What are your professional resolutions for 2013?

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