A Technical Communication Student’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Santa gets cookies and cocoa from technical communication studentMy name is Samantha and I am a technical communication student. This year, I have been very, very good. I’ve been going to class and doing my homework. All my hard work must have paid off because I got straight “A”s this semester! Also, I’ve been eating my vegetables.

This year for Christmas, I’d like:

  1. Adobe Creative Suite 6
  2. A subscription to The Chicago Manual of Style Online
  3. The Copyeditor’s Handbook, by Amy Einsohn
  4. Conversation and Community — The Social Web for Documentation, by Anne Gentle
  5. The Secret Life of Word, by Robert Delwood

These will be great for the upcoming semester and when I get that first job.  If you can see your way clear, an endless supply of chocolate and caffeine would be good too, at least that’s what all the professionals in technical communication tell me.

Santa, I also want to tell you to keep warm and drink plenty of hot chocolate with Mrs. Claus. I’ll leave some treats out for you and some carrots for the reindeer. Say hi to the elves for me.



Technical Communication Student

Samantha Miranda-Hess

Samantha Miranda-Hess is originally from California and now considers New Mexico her home. She recently graduated from New Mexico Tech with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. As an undergraduate, she spent a summer at the University of South Carolina for National Science Foundation funded research on green chemistry and chemical engineering. After graduating, Samantha pursued post-baccalaureate studies in energy systems engineering but discovered her true passions are communicating and teaching. Combining her technical background with her interest in communicating, she has worked as a freelance writer writing science-themed poems for children. Samantha is currently finishing her second Bachelor of Science in technical communication with a minor in education. In her free time, when she is not studying, tutoring at the New Mexico Tech Writing Center, or grading engineering homework, Samantha loves swing and blues dancing. For more information, view Samantha Miranda's LinkedIn profile.

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