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Technical Communication is a diverse field of business communication. TechWhirl created this area to answer questions about the range and depth of related to developing, managing and delivering technical content to support users and organizations in accomplishing goals. We want you to explore and find answers to your questions about the disciplines--writing, indexing, design, architecture, production, as well as, the current methodologies, trends, and management practices.

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Managing the Technical Communication Department

Here you'll find articles and guides on managing your tech pubs department. If you're looking for a new manager or person for your staff, or you're ready to make a move, check out our other site, TechWhirl Tech Comm Jobs.

Managing Your Area

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Getting to know the Technical Communication Industry

Producing useful, relevant, and engaging content that simplifies the complex is at the heart of technical communication. Practitioners share some common attributes, including insatiable curiosity, a talent for organizing concepts, the ability to write well, and the determination to improve what and how information is delivered. Technical communication is about managing an organization's most valuable assets--information and knowledge--using tools and processes that are constantly evolving.

Leadership Perspectives


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TECHWR-L's Email Discussion List

TechWhirl runs the largest email discussion group for technical writers and technical communicators in the world. We sport around 3000 members which are, shall we say, pretty darn clever and can answer just about anything.

The first thing you need to do is search our archives. Then, if can't find the answer please read our rules and expectations and then join. We know that our ol' system is sometimes difficult so just reach out to us and we'll get you setup.

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