Technical Communications Poll: What Would You Give Up?

Not so much technical communications related, but worth noting: In many western cultures today is Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”), a final day of celebration before the Lenten season begins.  Like New Year’s resolutions, Valentine’s Day and other “modernized” traditions, it has morphed somewhat, and many, technical writers included, vow to give up some vice, or particular thing that they enjoy immensely.  How many times do you hear people talk about giving up chocolate or beer for Lent?

Which brings us to this week’s poll. Folks in technical communications have lots of “vices,”  like imbibing copious amounts of caffeine, scheduling SME interviews that never seem to happen, freaking out when the IT department upgrades the system and requires you to reboot… Giving up some vices is virtuous, and is supposed to lead to permanently discarding the bad habit for something healthier or more productive. After all, how hard is it to give up something you can’t stand?  Habits are hard to break, even if we complain about them all the time. But if we break bad technical communications habits, can we replace them with good stuff?

You only get one choice on this week’s poll, but we would love to learn why you would give up your selected vice, and if you see any benefits to doing so.  Take the poll, and please take a little time to comment on what technical communications “thing” you’d give up, for Lent, any other holiday, or just for good.

What technical communications tool, process or habit would you be willing to give up, short-term or permanently?

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Jacquie Samuels

12 years ago

Screen captures are the biggest waste of everyone’s time that I have ever seen. And maintenance on them is ridiculous. Down with screencaps!

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