STC Certification – TechWhirl Interview with Steve Jong, Chair of the STC Certification Commission

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What have you heard about the new Certified Professional in Technical Communication (CPTC) credential (aka Tech Writer Certification)?  You’ve probably read about it online and may have received an email or two.  You may even have been in the audience when it was announced at this year’s STC Summit.  But, are all your questions answered?

Considering the volume on our email discussion group last week, chances are they haven’t been–yet.  You have questions, we have questions, so, on Sunday October 23rd,  we organized an hour-long interview with Steve Jong, current Chair of the STC Certification Commission.  If there’s anyone who’ll have the answers it’s  him, even if he’s not allowed to take the exam just yet (since he’s the chairman he’s currently ineligible).

During our talk, we tried to address some of the major questions for technical communicators including: the candidate requirements, STC’s efforts to promote the new program among businesses, what happens if someone fails, and the money question.  It was an enjoyable hour, and one we hope provides the answers you’re looking for.

Did we miss a key question?  Drop it into the comments, and we’ll follow up with him before publishing a summary article on the conversation.

Download: TechWhirl Interview with Steve Jong, Chair of STC Certification Commission Podcast