Technical Writer Poll: Profess Your Love for All Things Tech Comm

So when February 14th rolls around, what’s  a geeky, diabetic technical writer with pollen allergies to do?  Survey the technical writing community of course.  So I’m sending the chocolates over to the nearest SME who owes me a favor, putting the flowers in vase where the cats can’t get them and compiling a slightly different kind of poll this week.

We all have tools, gadgets, books, websites that we simply can’t live without. They make our technical communications jobs easier and life more enjoyable.  And, being TechWhirl, we are curious to find out what other people can’t live without.  This week’s poll has one answer, and comes with a request, let us know whatever it is that makes your techie heart sing by posting a comment.  Here’s a list of potentials to get you started:

  • Anything with that shiny Apple logo on it
  • Simply mad about MadCap
  • Twitter: 140 characters of #love 100 times a day
  • I’m suite on Adobe Tech Comm
  • I ogle Google…apps, mail, news, docs…
  • Crazy for ComponentOne & Doc-to-Help
  • If it has to do with DITA, I’m down with it
  • I heart Open Source
  • My CMS walks in beauty like the night
Look for a summary of these technical communications loves in the Friday recap.

What software, gadgets, websites or other tools are you willing to proclaim your undying love for?

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