Technical Writer Poll: Replacing “Traditional” Technical Communications

Are Traditional Technical Communications Deliverables Going Away?

As we take a look at the “basics” of technical communications, we find ourselves asking whether traditional technical communications deliverables–user manuals, administrator guides, release notes, etc.–are going the way of the dodo bird, buggy whips, and the butter churn. The TechWhirl email discussion group has been hotly debating the topic, coming at it from a whole range of viewpoints.

The types of media to which we publish technical content have changed drastically and permanently.  The audience, industry and purpose for the communications still drive the choices of tech comm deliverables, overshadowed by budget, sales and other business factors.  We invite you to take the poll, and add your voice to the debate, via a comment here, or by joining the email discussion.  You’ll help inform the content of an upcoming article on determining the right amount and kind of documentation to deliver, and educate the profession on the opportunities and challenges we face in producing relevant and useful technical communications content.

If traditional documentation "goes away," what new tech comm media will take its place?

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