The Road to LavaCon Contest

Austin or Bust for LavaCon 2011A few of us were sitting around a campfire a few days ago talking about life, the universe and everything, when someone says, why don’t we go to the LavaCon Conference and do a little reporting.

“Reporting—that’d be cool.  We could dig a trip to Hawaii.”

“No, it’s not in Hawaii right now—this one is in Austin, Texas.  Hawaii is their graduate event.”

“Oohh, Austin works too.  Let’s do it.”

We then reached out to Jack Molisani, discussed our desire for a road trip (and to do a little reporting) and he liked the idea.  Soon, it’ll be time to load up the VW Microbus and roll, but we need your help.  We’re a small crew and need a couple extra bloggers since we plan on doing some live reporting from the event so here’s your chance.

We’re looking for two (2) guest bloggers to help us report all the tech comm / social network / new media learning goodness this November.

What do you get in return?  Fame, fortune and being read by hundreds, thousands, lots of readers isn’t enough? Fine! The gang @ LavaCon have agreed to provide free registration to the two winners.  We’ll work and play in Austin.  Responsibilities include:

@ the Event

We’ll be live blogging from some of the events, video interviews of some participants and maybe a podcast if the liquid courage moves us. (We’ll figure this out in a few planning sessions.)

& After the Event

One feature article elaborating on an area of real interest to you.  Word limit?  Just enough to convey the points and not a word more.

Entry & Lobbying

Between now and 11.59pm, Friday October 21st:

Do this first:  “Like” LavaCon on Facebook, write why you want to attend the LavaCon Conference and write for TechWhirl .

Then, for bonus points:

Criteria, Judging and Announcing the Winners

Employees and the relatives of sponsors of either TechWhirl or the LavaCon Conference are not eligible. You can find all the Terms and Conditions here.  Contest entries will be reviewed by TechWhirl and the winners will be notified on October 22nd, so you can get a reasonably priced ticket and some hotels.  There’s not a lot of room in the van.

We’re looking for the popularity of your post (Facebook Likes), originality, creativity, and a show passion for LavaCon and telling really, good interesting stories.


First, try our FAQ page.  Then, if that doesn’t work then contact us and we’ll do our best to answer them.


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