TechWhirler Recap for June 24

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With the sounds of Country Roads and a faint crackle of a slowly roasting couch, it’s this week’s TechWhirler Recap. Updates like these, we’ve been told, are almost heaven.

This week, in lieu of another 5000 word multipart essay, we’ve been talking about trends. Some teasers in a blatant attempt to get you to click: social media is all talk, things are becoming cloudy, ROI is more valuable than ever and there’s a small but growing movement to go back to 350 page paper manuals … read more (

Speaking of surveys, our first annual TechWhirl survey is still open, but like a diner on a windy road, it’ll close someday and that someday is next Tuesday. So, can you please go take it? (Please join our list to participate) Our best design flaw on the survey so far – asking people who can only get the survey via the email list if they’re indeed on the email list. The fact only 97% of people say they are indeed on the list is a little troubling. [I keep wondering how bad my paragraph transitions will need to be to get a complaint but still nothing, however put the wrong article in front of a sponsor name …]

Our exhausting, no that’s not right, our exhaustive discussion on Social Media, which only seems to be used by conference presenters, consultants and bored online magazines comes to an end next week. The Special Writers Unit (Special Writers’ Unit?) are at this very moment – right now – diligently pounding out articles for next month’s topic: Career Decisions or Transitions, or My boss is stinks and I keep shooting into the ground around my house but can’t find oil so I better get a new job month (extra points if you catch the reference).

We’re very excited to start July on a number of levels. First, we’re excited that we get to publish Jacquie Samuels (SWU) first article on TechWhirl and for the Special Writers Unit, second Connie’s excited that she won’t have to write an article that should take two weeks in two days and third – did we mention we’re tired of this topic – for now?

Now is later so it is time to promote our … Social Media stuff:

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Fun’s over – put on your hardhats and go back to the mine.

What You’re Talking About

Quick shout outs to our Tech Writers and their discussions:

o “Question about “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Technical Writing”—asked by Craig Cardimon with answers that generated new questions about modifiers and marketing, and Krista let us know a new version is in the works.

o Kevin McLaughlin issued a “WARNING! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” with really great questions about regulatory compliance and labeling on products and the importance of getting the right experts involved.

o Cat Salm is challenged by the review “process” in her organization and is looking for advice on “creating a template with locked” sections and style. Whirlers are responding with advice on Word forms and web pages. Keep us posted on the outcome.

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