The Help Files’ Fall Special: New & Classic Job Hunting Tips & Tricks

fallen leaves-blowingThe summer of 2015 is in the books, at least here in the Northern hemisphere. September arrived and cooler temperatures are sure to follow. After you shake the last of the beach sand from your hair, and you step back into the office, you might realize that you’re no longer happy there.

Your office routine has grown stale. Nothing has changed. Your duties are boring. Perhaps you haven’t gotten the raise you wanted. Or perhaps the promotion you thought you earned went to someone else.

Whatever the reason, now that your summer vacation is behind you, you’re suddenly faced with  the job search ahead. Hunting for a new job is no picnic. You need to prove yourself all over again. You don’t want to do it, and I don’t blame you, but maybe you should do it anyway. You owe it to yourself.

The Help Files’ Fall Special brings you some new ideas, and some old classics, great tips and tricks to get you started on job hunting.

How to Find a Job Without Using Job Boards

Until the mid-1990s, The Philadelphia Enquirer was THE ONLY place to find want ads in the Philadelphia metro area, where I grew up. The Sunday edition was the gold mine for this. After the web exploded onto the scene, online job boards began replacing the newspapers’ “Help Wanted” section. Of course, after a new job opportunity becomes generally availablel, things get crowded, including the job boards. And you need to be alert for phishing scams and malware. But who says you have to use job boards? Read Arnie Fertig’s post to find out how you can bypass job boards altogether in your job hunt.

The 8-Point Checklist for Job Hunters

In the second part of an Arnie Fertig double-shot, he outlines what you need to do in the form of a handy checklist. Dressing appropriately still matters. Do NOT wear jeans unless you’re interviewing at a San Francisco start-up and they TOLD you to wear jeans. You should also TURN OFF your smartphone or maybe think about just locking it in your car. Even if you mute your mobile, some calls (from your spouse?) may still ring, depending on your settings. And some vibrate modes are loud enough to notice, especially in a quiet conference room or office. Read the post for more goodies.

Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing

These tricks are so new that I hadn’t heard of them yet. Now THAT’S up-to-date! Sometimes, even I get surprised, even though I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the job market. I hadn’t heard of either JibberJobber or Resunate. What? You don’t know what they are, either? Best read Anna Runyon’s post to find out what they are, and more.

Need a Job? 5 Ways to Get Employed Faster

Lots of people lose their jobs every day. Many people decide to quit their jobs and see what else life has to offer. And everyone wants the shortest bench time possible. Believe it or not, there are ways to land a job faster. If you’re in the job market, get the full rundown from  Megan Elliott’s post.

How to Get a Job by Targeting the Companies You Want to Work For

If you’re looking for a new job, or you know someone who is, you need to put together a list of target companies for whom you’d like to work. Fortunately, Eric Ravenscraft’s post can help you build just such a list.

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