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tennyson-locksley-hall“In spring, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.” So said Alfred Tennyson in “Locksley Hall,” a poem he wrote in 1835. Fast forward 180 years to 2015, and Lord Tennyson might have said, in spring, everyone starts thinking about finding a new job.

Forgive me, but it is spring and I am an English major. Plus, it seems everyone is on the job market.  The long, hard, dreary recession that dragged on for what seemed like forever is receding into the past. And GOOD RIDDANCE, I say!

Even those who hold decent jobs that pay the mortgage are looking around. People want to see if there is anything better out there. To put it bluntly, the answer is yes, but you need to put in the time and effort to land a better gig. Are you ready?

Never fear, The Help Files for April 2015 will help turn those lovely thoughts to “fully employed.”

5 Little-Known Secrets About Job Searching

So you’re looking for a job, but honestly, you’re a bit bewildered by the process. Fear not. Alison Green has written a post for AOL Jobs that gives you a peek behind the scenes to help put a few of your worries to rest. For instance, application deadlines often don’t mean much, if anything.

Secret LinkedIn Strategies of a 10-Year Power User

Confused about Linkedin? Sure you are! Everyone is, except perhaps Brian Smith, who posted an article detailing his hard-won secrets about LinkedIn. For example, DON’T use the generic invitation. Do some work and personalize it.

3 LinkedIn Tips for the Secret Job Seeker

If you’re on the job market, and who isn’t these days, it’s best to fine tune your LinkedIn profile. Let’s straighten out your settings so only a chosen few can see your connections. Lindsey Stemann is here to help you out in part of a double-shot. After all, you don’t want just anyone knowing you’re looking around for a job, especially your boss!

3 Bonus LinkedIn Tips For The Secret Job Seeker

Welcome to part two of our double-shot for those who are conducting stealth job hunts. Lindsey Stemann is back with three more LinkedIn tips to help you search for work on the sly.

A Recruiter’s Secrets to Fixing the “No Job Experience” Issue

What if you’re fresh out of school and low on experience? What if you’re looking to change industries altogether? What’s a job seeker to do? You have questions. Ambra Benjamin has answers.

A Talent Recruiter Shares Secrets For Standing Out

If you’re looking a job in 2015, some rules may have changed, but you still need to stand out. PopSugar tracked down recruiter Abby Kohut, who offers advice on what you need to do.

Ditching Outdated Job Search Strategies

It’s not 1985 anymore. In 2015, if you’re looking for work, you need to discard outdated strategies and learn new ones. Ariella Coombs shares her secrets with you.


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