Microsoft Manual of Style – Valley Girl Translation

INKtopia Limited’s virtual globalization team has announced a major advance in translation plug-ins for most major content management systems.  Utilizing an advanced XML transform, dubbed Valspeak, coupled with streaming MP3 conversion, INKtopia’s translation plug-in allows for on-the-fly translation of American and Canadian English texts and audio recordings to Valley Girl. “We see this as being a critical path item for companies focused on mobile content and globalization,” said B.L. Ing, Vice-President of translation services. “The e-commerce potential for products supported by native-language Valspeakers is match only by the size of their handbags.”

The company intends to extend its set of plug-ins to support Sloane Ranger in the United Kingdom, and Gyaru in Japan.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Valspeak plug-in, INKtopia has made a translated excerpt of  Microsoft Manual of Style available here for download.

Download for your collection: Microsoft Manual of Style – Translated to Valley Girl

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