User Assistance Gets a Brand New Dimension from Adobe

Adobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp announces a robotic sibling

San Jose, March 31–Software giant Adobe Systems Inc., today announced the public launch of Adobe RoboCopter, the world’s first solar-powered, remote-controlled, intelligent drone designed to deliver on-demand Help solutions across terrains, climatic conditions, and devices. Adobe prides itself in advancing technology through innovative solutions for users. RoboCopter lives up to that lofty ideal, with a Voice User Interface (VUI), gesture and geolocation support, and loads of nifty features.

articleRoboCopter packs up numerous ways to provide Help solutions intelligently. Equipped with motion and sound sensors, it can be easily activated within a 50 meter radius when the user merely waves at it or calls out to it. For longer-range Help requirements, RoboCopter can be summoned with a tap or swipe on a remote control. The drone then uses GPS tracking to reach the repair site.

Robocopter’s VUI enables the drone to understand and speak multiple languages. Technicians can talk to RoboCopter to ask for Help solutions which the drone delivers through voice commands or by displaying Help videos on its HD screen. RoboCopter can also conduct teleconferencing for providing remote support to technicians.

Adobe teamed with Johnny Play, former design head at a leading toy company, to create a drone that “looks better than a chunky piece of machinery.” RoboCopter will be available in colors like Adorable Aubergine, Scrumptious Scarlet, Tantalizing Teal and Luscious Lime.

Telecom Engineer and RoboHelp advocate Polly Jester said “Downtime is a no-no, customers can’t be disconnected for even a moment. With a talking ‘copter helping me out in my repairs, I’m sure I will spend less time hanging from towers.”

RoboCopter is expected to reinforce the company’s leading position in the User Assistance solutions category. Adobe’s R&D specialist Ellie Kopter says “RoboCopter will revolutionize the way Help content is delivered and consumed. For now, RoboCopter is designed to deliver technical Help. But we hope to soon extend into a family of helper drones to cover a wide range of use cases, from helping people find their lost pets, to locating and finding lost mobile devices.”

Watch an exciting live demo of RoboCopter in action.

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