Documenting User Interfaces – Inside TechWhirl Podcast for September

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We are really proud to present our first podcast today.  It’s an hour long discussion by some members of our Special Writers Unit, Jacquie Samuels and Craig Cardimon, and our editor here at TechWhirl, Connie Giordano.  Al Martine is the moderator and producer for this audio extravaganza.

During the podcast we have a round table discussion on how to keep up with constantly changing user interfaces and functionality as either a lone tech writer or a person on a large team.  Music is supplied by the Inside TechWhirl band, or Green Day, and there’s a prize if someone can provide all the lyrics to the closing tune.

Download: TechWhirl Podcast, September 2011


Craig Cardimon

Craig Cardimon wears many hats and loves all of them -- technical communicator, content curator, and freelance copywriter. In his not-so-copious spare time, he reads, writes, runs on the local trail, and watches way too much "retro" TV.

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Jacquie Samuels

Jacquie Samuels is the owner of Writing Wise. She endeavors to help everyone create documentation that is stronger, faster, and smarter. You can connect with Jacquie through her Google Plus page.

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Connie Giordano

Connie Giordano is a partner in INKtopia Limited and editor of TechWhirl's Tech Writer Today online magazine. She has been a list member and contributor since the days when 14,400 baud was high speed communications, and Windows 95 was state-of-the-art.

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Al Martine

A former non-profit fundraiser and strategy \ change management consultant and now he's the head of TechWhirl Janitorial Services. If it's going well or poorly with TechWhirl's websites he's probably the one to thank or blame. You can connect with Al through his Google + page.

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