Documenting User Interfaces – Inside TechWhirl Podcast for September

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We are really proud to present our first podcast today.  It’s an hour long discussion by some members of our Special Writers Unit, Jacquie Samuels and Craig Cardimon, and our editor here at TechWhirl, Connie Giordano.  Al Martine is the moderator and producer for this audio extravaganza.

During the podcast we have a round table discussion on how to keep up with constantly changing user interfaces and functionality as either a lone tech writer or a person on a large team.  Music is supplied by the Inside TechWhirl band, or Green Day, and there’s a prize if someone can provide all the lyrics to the closing tune.

Download: TechWhirl Podcast, September 2011


TechWhirl Recap for September 30 | Tech Writer Today Magazine by TechWhirl

12 years ago

[…] In the last six months, we redesigned the website twice – judging by the numbers most of you will only notice one change; did our first event, 2011 STC Summit – we’re an online company but failed to think about having a computer at our booth; and assembled a great group of writers and thanks to Twitter found them a great name – the Special Writers Unit.  We are proud that, as of now, we’ve kept 100% of our sponsors and we’re sincerely appreciative of their patience and willingness to work with us.  And finally, as of Wednesday, TechWhirl is not just about writing anymore. […]

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