WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System Launches Today

WebWorks ePublisherAUSTIN, TEXAS–Today WebWorks announces the release of its newest version of ePublisher, 2013.1, featuring WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System.  WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System  is the next-generation help authoring software and hardware, designed to create a full sensory environment for your users. Forget pesky output formats like PDF, HTML, or Multi-Device, their Full Optical Opus Learning System is the last content delivery system your company will ever need.

This new delivery system is the first system to give your users every advanced tool to fully research your content, while allowing the content creator to fully control the emotions of the user.  In ePublisher 2013.1, WebWorks took significant strides to make its native Full Optical Opus Learning System universally functional. WebWorks CEO Tony McDow says, “In this release, we focused largely on developing a mind control device… err I mean a human drone machine.  No wait, what I meant to say is we created the full user experience. Yea, that’s the one…user experience. Umm, can we start this over? “

WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System

Neoklis Demitriou demonstrates WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System in ePublisher 2013.1

WebWorks, a division of the Quadralay Corporation, is celebrating over twenty years in the industry.  “We’ve been listening to the needs of the slave lords for quite some time now, and controlling their customer is very important to them; so it’s the foundation of our development,” says McDow. “WebWorks Full Optical Opus Learning System now provides users the convenience of never having to make another decision on their own. Forget the concept of working really hard so that they can find relative information in your content. Instead, just tell them what to think!.”

WebWorks put the new Full Optical Opus Learning System through vigorous testing and are very pleased with the final results. Pictured is one of their recent test subjects, Neoklis Demitriou. This photo was taken of Neoklis after walking out of a branch of the Bank of Cyprus (one of WebWorks biggest clients) Neokils had just learned of the 40% taken from his life savings. The Bank of Cyprus was very concerned that this might cause some customer satisfaction issues, so they turned to the Full Optical Opus Learning System as their solution to deliver the news and self-help content. “We couldn’t be happier with the result from the Full Optical Opus Learning System! “ said bank manager Sonia Markou. “As you can see from the picture, Neokils couldn’t be happier that we took his money. In fact, after a while we just started telling people they WANTED to give us the money as soon as we attached the Full Optical Opus Learning System device. That was much easier and our productivity shot through the roof!”  

Neoklis Demitriou

11 years ago

I was skeptical about using the Full Optical Opus Learning System at first, but now that I have I can’t ever see myself using another device. I am very very very very happy with the Full Optical Opus Learning System. The past is dead, the future unimaginable.

CMS/DITA North America Conference - Christopher Ward

11 years ago

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