What I Really Want for Christmas

Greg Larson has a list that he maintains throughout the year, and it always includes one outrageous, extremely unlikely, but really cool request… can you figure out which item it is?

The last of the autumn leaves, dried and shriveled, rattle in a cold north breeze and Christmas whispers back from the near-future. Inside, warm and toasty, a whiff of vanilla or a hint of apple-cinnamon whets my appetite for the less healthy but more fun, holiday food groups. Stores everywhere are transformed into Santa’s depots, a reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is close at hand. For me, however, there’s no need for the reminder because around the first of every November an internal timer chimes a crystal clear call in my heart and mind, directing my attentions to the joys of the season.

It’s also the time to ask the question, “What do you want for Christmas?”  I pause, smile, reach into my pocket, and remove my neatly folded wish list. It’s not an easy task coming up with a list but I have learned to write ideas down throughout the year, then when the inquiries begin, my job is already complete, no mess, no muss. There are still toys on my list, but now days those toys are more sophisticated (read: pricey). Each year I like to include one outrageous petition. It’s an item I know I’m not likely to get but it’s there in the hope that one year, effulgent in glory, sparking under the tree, the impossible will come true. What a year that will be! This year’s list is no different. One of my requests borders on the impossible but it’s there–just in case. Although my 2011 list is small, this could be the year that my askings really tax ol’ St. Nick’s ability to deliver the goods.

So, what am I asking for this year? To start with I would like an iPad2. I’m a laptop guy normally, but these sleek little devices have a strange way of growing on you. From the ability to stream movies or take notes; play music or play games; download and read books; or, most important, to quickly pull up Techwhirl.com to see what’s happening in the world of tech writing, it’s a must-have item for 2011! Very cool!

Oh, is it Christmas yet?? I smell cookies!

My number two request is a bit more esoteric… I’m asking for focus. No, not the little Ford car you see advertised on TV, but focus as in: “A central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.” (Dictionary.com) Not wanting to be ambiguous in my letter to Santa I focused his attention on the “attention” part of the definition.

Without focus a mind—my mind in this case—wanders aimlessly through the highways and byways of nowhere, collecting volumes of nothing to apply to the blank page laying there before me.

On those rare occasions that I do manage to corral some focus, the joy of writing bursts into passion and carries me away. What ecstasy when words flow from mind, to pen (or keyboard), to page (screen)! There is nothing like it! I want Santa to bring me a case of permanent focus.

There you have it, all I want for Christmas, including the all-important “crazy” request. Can you imagine me ever getting an iPad2? HA! Me neither.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that the jolly fat man fulfills your heart’s desire this Christmas.

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