XEditor 5.0 Release Features Improved Reviewing and Service Handling

XPublisher, gmbh, recently released Xeditor 5.0, the latest version of its flagship produce for intelligent authoring. The new release features big improvements to the reviewing and collaboration capabilities, and a new middleware layer to better handle web services.


All track changes and comments now appear contextually in boxes next to the text to ensure authors never get lost when editing gets complicated. In addition, the editor supports threaded comments so that authors and reviewers can reply to each other’s comments or suggestions.


While Xeditor primarily uses the main languages of the web (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), some tasks require other services as well.  To address this, the new version of Xeditor, includes a middleware layer  called Blackbox to handle all of these services and to simplify integrations (e.g., .NET, Python, Java, etc.) and make the process of  updates much easier.

Node & npm

Xeditor now deploys installations, updates and demo packages via npm. The demo package is written in Node.js, which means that to get an update, Users merely need to run “npm update”.

About Xeditor

Xeditor, the web-based WYSIWYG editor, allows authors to create and edit XML/DITA documents intuitively without any technical knowledge. Xeditor effortlessly integrates into other pre-existing systems (CMS, PIM, etc.) and is fully customizable.

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