XML Press Releases New Title: Predictive Content

Predictive-Content-front-cvr-195x240XML Press announced its latest publication, Predictive Content: Proactive, Synchronous Coordination of Heuristic Information Content, by world-renowned author Randall J. Zwinge.

Predictive Content combines the techniques and wisdom of leading practitioners in the emerging specialty of predictive content. This new specialty addresses a perennial problem faced by technical communicators: the need to create quality content under unrealistic deadlines when the development process is still fluid. Agile methodologies have exacerbated this problem, but now, predictive content brings to the table a wide range of forward-looking tactics that will help you keep up with the development process and even get out ahead of it.

Randall Zwinge has brought together the wisdom of practitioners such as Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, and Uri Geller to give you a smörgåsbord of state-of-the-art methods. You will find templates and scripts to handle every technical communication situation you can think of from medical to aerospace to software apps to legal to illegal and beyond. Case studies and peer-reviewed studies document verified cases where organizations completed comprehensive reference manuals before the product was even invented. This book will lead you step-by-step to a more proactive process that will have you writing content earlier and earlier in the development process.

Randall J. Zwinge began his writing career in journalism. He moved on to a career in radio and television before beginning his association with the predictive content community. His clear-eyed approach to psychic tomfoolery gained him the endorsement of a professor at the University of Buffalo and former Senator Claiborne Pell as a genuine psychic.

Combining these skills with writing was a natural progression for this autodidact and savant, who has published ten books in addition to Predictive Content.

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