Cheryl Voloshin

Cheryl Voloshin is a technical/freelance writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She would never (ever) intentionally rob a team of their will to live and is so utterly dependent on external validation that failure is never an option.

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Study on Productivity May Change the Way Work is Presented

For years, best practices of project management have touted planning, anticipation of risks, and clear communication as the road to efficiency and success, but a recent study has shown that these tenets may not be as effective as once thought. In a recent study designed to measure the impact of different types of stressors on productivity during administrative and creative tasks, researchers may be discovering what executives have known for years. The work will get done in the timeline you give it. Continue reading ...


Post-Zombie Apocalypse Feature: The Cross-Metabolic Work Force

Practical considerations still require that zombies be “physically restrained to protect both the dead and undead from the flesh-and-brain-seeking behavior we’re still trying to understand.” However, with the demand for skilled labor reaching crisis levels, more and more companies are transitioning skilled members of the infected back to work. Continue reading ...


Nothing Teaches Like Mistakes: Reclaim the Balance Between Work and Life

In the fall of 2011, I had a job where I loved the work, loved my boss, loved the company and hated my job. The reason was simple. I had lost any balance between work and the rest of my life. Looking back, I see what happened. Early successes in streamlining processes and improving productivity earned me greater responsibility, respect and raises, but no additional resources. I gave up whole parts of my life in five or ten minute increments over ten years ... Continue reading ...


Technical Writer’s Guide to Surviving Wild Management

You are hardworking, professional, reliable, skilled, generally positive, productive, smart, strategic, and a problem solver. In short, you are the ideal technical writer. In a civilized culture where bosses are sensible, fair, and invested in your success, that should be enough to succeed. If you are a great employee but dealing with some serious office Darwinism, there is a whole different set of rules. You are doing well just surviving each day without becoming another morsel on the food chain. If it’s gotten that bad, you could do with some tips from the animal world. Continue reading ...


Technical Writing Trends: Translating Corporate Speak

I have come to understand something. When I’m in a meeting and I feel like I’m having a stroke and have lost the ability to process English effectively, I’m hearing corporate speak. Instead of clutching the table and asking someone to call 9-1-1, I’ve learned to write the word or phrase down and try to keep looking smart. There’s hardly anything more career limiting than creating a false alarm for a stroke. Continue reading ...

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Technical Writing Skills Testing: Writing, Edits, and Editorials

The responsibilities for a technical writing job can range from format meister to quasi-programmer, so employers are desperate to hang their hats on anything that’s a technical writing must-have. What if the technical writing test could test more than just editing? What if people were asked not just to edit, but to editorialize? Now that just might be really useful. Continue reading ...

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The Perfect Tech Writer’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, First, let me thank you in advance for what I’m sure will be prompt delivery. I understand how important it is to be clear about expectations no matter how difficult the challenge, so let me start there. What I want for Christmas is peace, love, and understanding. I feel that last year’s requests went unanswered because I was vague and no one’s going to say I don’t learn from my mistakes. (No one besides my cat, anyway.) Let me explain what I mean. Continue reading ...

XML Press provides downloadable examples with the Secret Life of Word

Book Review: The Secret Life of Word by Robert Delwood

While I was trying to keep Word’s new ribbons from getting tangled in my hair, Robert Delwood was unlocking and enabling the powerful automation available to all of us in Word 2003, 2007 and 2010. Written with the challenges of the technical writer in mind in an easy, accessible voice, The Secret Life of Word is a great resource ... Continue reading ...


Top 10 Ways to a Terrible Workplace

American businesses are achieving the same 2007 productivity with seven million fewer employees in 2011. After 3 years of corporate belt tightening you are about to diagnose corporate anorexia. But as long as you are getting the job done, you won’t ever get the help you’ve been asking for. Consider a new approach. It’s risky, […] Continue reading ...