Jill Parman

Jill Parman is the owner of ForWord Consulting, LLC. After spending several years in IT consulting, Jill decided to form her own company and work on a contract basis. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to her friend's small company down the road. She has mastered the art of working from home as a technical communicator, instructional designer, communication specialist and project manager.

Jill began her career armed with a communication degree and the fledgling hopes of becoming an author. Not so keen on being a starving artist, she decided to merge her passions in writing and technology and obtained a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication degree from Miami University of Ohio.

Jill lives in the suburbs near Des Moines, IA with her family. You contact her through her company's website, forword.co.

Template Tuesdays

Documentation Review Checklist Template

Summer Replay: Reviews of documentation are critical for catching errors and omissions in the content, and often identify issues in the products themselves prior to general availability. The Documentation Review Checklist helps you conduct a meaningful review of your documentation pieces. Continue reading ...

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Content Audits – The Five Ws and One H

Getting to a consistently high level of quality in your content starts with understanding what you already have. And the essential tool for that is the Content Audit. The audit not only uncovers your content assets, it’s key to evaluate the current state quality; to improve content processes including repurposing existing or creating new assets; and to reach markets more effectively and tap new revenue channels. Continue reading ...


Content Quality Review Template

A content quality review checklist or editlog helps reviewers record items as they analyze your written, spoken, visual, and web content. By providing additional guidance surrounding the goals you have for the content and specific areas you want reviewers to focus on, the quality of the feedback and recommendations will greatly improve, allowing you to more easily update your content to transform it into the best possible outputs for your audiences. Continue reading ...