Samantha Miranda

Samantha Miranda is originally from California and now considers New Mexico her home. She recently graduated from New Mexico Tech with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. As an undergraduate, she spent a summer at the University of South Carolina for National Science Foundation funded research on green chemistry and chemical engineering. After graduating, Samantha pursued post-baccalaureate studies in energy systems engineering but discovered her true passions are communicating and teaching. For more information, view Samantha Miranda-Hess's LinkedIn profile.

technical communication student juggler

A Day in the Life of a Technical Communication Student

Today is a fairly busy day for me. I need to be in class and to work on assignments in media studies and web design. I have a little bit of time devoted to work as well, and I plan to spend a little bit of time socializing in order to stay sane. It's a typical day in the life of a technical communication student. Continue reading ...

technical communication and accessibility

Interview with Brenda Huettner: What Every Technical Communicator Should Know About Accessibility

For technical communicators, accessibility is a topic that appeals to the principles of professionalism, quality, and legality. In a storied career that includes web design, technical writing, usability and accessibility consulting, Brenda Huettner constantly focuses on a central tenet—advocating for the user. Her experience in usability and accessibility gives her a unique perspective on developing content for users Continue reading ...