Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 Launches Today

TCS-FM-RHWe’re delighted to announce that Adobe Systems is launching Technical Communication Suite 5 today, a major release under development for the last 18 months.  The new version includes major releases of  core products, as well as the addition of a new product, FrameMaker XML Author 12.  You can read about them here on TechWhirl first, with reviews on the following:

  • Matt Sullivan provides an insider’s view of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5, with an eye towards helping managers decide on the upgrade.
  • Bernard Aschwanden focuses on FrameMaker 12 with a summary of the major enhancements as well as new features that may make (or break) a technical writer’s workday.
  • I had the opportunity to dive into RoboHelp 11, looking for the seemingly elusive workflow and collaboration features that authors need for multichannel delivery of technical content.
  • TechWhirl’s resident DITA/structured authoring maven, Jacquie Samuels offers her first impressions on FrameMaker XML Author 12 as the newest entrant in the XML authoring and editing space.

When a vendor jumps from a major release to a major release, without the interim updates, you can be sure that they’ve made a lot of changes that you need to consider in your tools planning. Will RoboHelp 11, FrameMaker 12, and FrameMaker XML Author 12 offer the functionality and improvements you’ve been asking for? These first looks should address some of your initial questions, but feel free to post a comment to share your thoughts or ask for more detail.

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