Bernard Aschwanden

Since 1992, Bernard Aschwanden has excelled in technical communications as a trainer, courseware developer, team leader, manager, and as a consultant for Publishing Smarter.

Bernard is a professor at Seneca and Humber colleges, sitting on their advisory boards, and helping drive curriculum development. He has written many articles about publishing, and is an active partner with key developers of technical communications tools. He presents across Europe and North America on a range of publishing related topics, and is consistently rated as a top speaker.

Bernard joined STC in 1997 and is an Associate Fellow who remains active at local, regional and Society levels as a presenter, educator and leader.

Publishing Smarter works with clients to improve their content creation, management, and distribution workflows. This is done through content analysis, legacy file conversion, training, and support. The result is that clients reduce production costs, improve document quality, and increase employee productivity.

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server: Create Once … Deliver Many, Many, Many

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Tips & Tricks: Making the Move to Structure

As you begin to explore structured content and how you can leverage it for your organization, you’ll need to consider quite a number of things, including what structured model to use. Perform a proof of concept with some of your existing content to understand your ability migrate to that standard. Continue reading ...

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How to Choose a Translation Vendor for Tech Comm Projects

When a company identifies a need for documentation to be translated into new languages for both existing customers and new customers it is important to ensure you choose the right translation vendor. In doing so, it is necessary to identify options (with associated costs and risks) for meeting current demands, processes for handling future translation requests, and a big-picture strategy for documentation translation needs across product lines and worldwide needs. Continue reading ...