Chantel Brathwaite

Chantel Brathwaite has been writing technical and business materials for private
and government contracting companies since 1996. Like many technical writers,
her entrance to the field was serendipitous; she was music demo. When she discovered
that she could combine her passions for writing, multimedia, and teaching in
one career field she was hooked. She discovered Techwr-L in 1999 and immediately found a community of writers with whom she could share information with and grow.

Over the course of her career she has written and illustrated technical documentation,
designed software user interfaces, maintained and designed web sites, created
computer based training, and much more. Today, Chantel works as a technical
writer for a military training simulation company. She also owns Absolute North
Communications, through which she provides non-fiction and fiction freelance writing services. She enjoys writing about how to apply digital media, storytelling techniques,
and educational theory to create compelling and usable documentation. She also
enjoys writing about career development, new technologies, and trends in the field.

Chantel has a BA in Communications from the University of Maryland and an MA in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling and making music.

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