Biggest Lies Tech Writers Tell

[updated with reader insights, September 25, 2011]

Editor’s Note:
 The following piece by Wade Nelson part of our collection of “classics”–technical writing articles that stand the test of time no matter how many technologies come and go.

  1. I’m confident I can have that finished by….
  2. Someone else has reviewed it and made additional edits? Great!
  3. Oh, I’ve written dozens of ___________.
  4. Of course I’m familiar with RST inverted NAND bipolar technology. My brother is bipolar.
  5. Don’t worry, I’ll merge all those markups onto a single copy.
  6. Oh no, I’m sure everyone reading that will understand exactly what you mean. I just thought it sounded a little better if we phrased it….
  7. This is really good. Have you considered becoming a writer yourself?
  8. You’re the boss….
Did we miss any?  Please add them to the comments and well add them to our master list.
Tech Whirler Contributions:
  • Since the deadline is today, I will not accept any changes after COB tonight. None. Zero. Don’t even ask. (George, WritingRag.Com)
  • Go Live has a 5% chance of happening? That sounds like good odds (Ryan)
  • Type up those minutes for you? I don’t mind a bit…. (Connie)
  • “I’ve never missed a deadline.” (PSU)
  • As long as you the project manager can promise me I’ll have the support from the SMEs as we discussed (Peter)