CollabNet Launches CloudForge for Hybrid Cloud Development and Deployment

CollabNet®, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM (application lifecycle management) products and services, launched CloudForge™, an enterprise-grade development-Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS), and also integrated CloudForge into its on-premise TeamForge® and Subversion Edge products. The company announced the product releases in conjunction with unveiling a strategy to support hybrid cloud development and deployment by enterprises.

“The information technology sector, and the software development industry in particular, is rapidly evolving into a mix of Agile, DevOps and hybrid cloud practices to accelerate application development and deployment,” said Bill Portelli, co-founder and CEO for CollabNet. “Enterprise Cloud Development is the evolution of basic cloud development, as it enables enterprises to extend their internal IT practices to the external cloud in a flexible and hybrid nature by leveraging existing systems and embracing new platforms. Our customers are telling us that their software engineering processes must be enhanced to introduce new spans of control as their teams adopt hybrid cloud development and deployment.”

As part of its corporate alignment to support Enterprise Cloud Development, CollabNet unveiled its new website that includes a series of online presentations, and is sponsoring an IDG TechCast called “What you need to know about Enterprise Cloud Development.” The TechCast is available for immediate viewing and includes videos of CollabNet executives, partners and industry influencers, a white paper and animated video scribe outlining five practical steps to incorporate cloud development into Agile and DevOps practices.

 CollabNet plans to execute its Enterprise Cloud Development strategy  supported by three new product offerings:

  • CloudForge: CollabNet’s next-generation dPaaS is built from the previously acquired Codesion® public cloud hosting platform, and supports application development and deployment by enabling a hybrid mix of tools, application frameworks and deployment clouds, with enterprise security and compliance in place. CollabNet offers a free beta of CloudForge.
  • App Center:  offers complimentary, best-of-breed development and deployment services, including Cloud Foundry and SOASTA,  providing users with integrated functionality and platform partners with direct access CollabNet’s more than 10,000 customers.
  • ALM and SCM hybrid cloud services: Initially, CloudForge Cloud Services will be available to customers with on-premise deployments of Subversion Edge and TeamForge. CollabNet has incorporated a new Subversion Edge CloudBackup service for Subversion data archiving, redundancy and migration capabilities at the desktop level. Later in the year, additional hybrid cloud services will be available in TeamForge and Subversion Edge, such as elastic server provisioning for build, test and deployment.

“Software development is changing, due in part to the growth of cloud computing. Smaller teams are taking the lead with cloud-based development, and in turn proving value and gaining the attention of executives responsible for the bottom-line,” said Ben Kepes, principal at research firm Diversity Analysis. “As enterprise IT looks to cloud development, offerings such as CollabNet’s, that provide the foundation for companies to embrace the cloud in a manner that integrates into and extends existing development processes, will be seen as the best way of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.”

CollabNet and TeamForge are registered trademarks of CollabNet, Inc. CloudForge is a trademark of CollabNet, Inc. Subversion is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation. Other names may be trademarks of their respective holders.

Read the entire press release or visit the CollabNet website.


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