ComponentOne Releases Wijmo v2 with HTML5 and jQuery

ComponentOne, maker of Doc-to-Help and developer-productivity tools, announced the 2012 release of Wijmo: a kit of UI widgets for HTML5 and jQuery development. Technical communications teams involved in website and application UI development can explore the Wijmo 2.o release, which contains over 40 widgets, including data visualization widgets for  HTML5 chart types and new HTML5 gauges.

ComponentOne originally launched Wijmo in early 2011, with the goal of  extending  jQuery UI, and the kit provides a range of widgets to produce elements such as  interactive menus and rich charts.  “This is the most complete collection of tools a Web developer may access for creating interactive websites and applications,” said Chris Bannon, product manager at ComponentOne.

Visitors to the dedicated website for Wijmo,, can view demos of every widget, including the Grid, which provides an array of options for dynamic data displays.  Wijmo also includes six professionally designed themes to which technical communications teams can use to support development of  a consistent look and feel throughout an application.  Users may choose from over 30 themes from the jQuery UI project or use ThemeRoller from jQuery UI to create a custom theme.

Wijmo offers two kits, Wijmo Complete, the commercial kit containing all the application building widgets like charts and grids, and Wijmo Open,  which is free and open source under the MIT/GPL licenses and includes menus, calendars, and more. Both kits ensure compatibility with major browsers: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, and Chrome.

ComponentOne offers download and purchase options online at  or by email at  View the complete press release here.

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