Content Management Partnership between Vasont Systems, ForeignExchange Translations

Vasont Systems and ForeignExchange Translations have announced a joint technology partnership agreement to provide automated global content management for the healthcare industry.  The alliance combines each company’s expertise, in XML content management, globalization, and localization, to deliver complete multilingual content management solutions.

The unified solutions offered by Vasont Systems and ForeignExchange will allow healthcare organizations to better manage the full content lifecycle, including content development, content management, process management, technical translation management, and publishing strategies. The companies expect that comprehensive, automated multilingual content strategy will reduce cycle times and increase productivity for their healthcare clients.

According to Richard Schiding, President of Vasont Systems, “Our partnership strategy is focused on creating a more effective multilingual content management environment for our clients. Through our new alliance, clients will see greater flexibility and performance advantages that will optimize their resources and processes.”

Added Andres Heuberger, President of ForeignExchange Translations, “Being the leader in medical translations does not mean we do everything alone and our partnership with Vasont is proof of that. We feel that linking state-of-the-art technology with the best people and processes is the best way to serve our clients and our vision of saving lives.”

Visit Vasont Systems website and visit ForeignExchange Translations website.

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[…] Content Management Partnership between Vasont Systems, ForeignExchange Translations […]

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