Corel Releases WordPerfect Office X6 with Expanded Capabilities

Corel released Corel® WordPerfect® Office X6,  with time-saving enhancements including multiple monitor support, advanced file previewing, Bates numbering, and additional macros, plus an eBook Publisher. Corel also launched a new WordPerfect Document Viewer for Android™ devices.

“With WordPerfect Office X6, we listened to our community and focused on continuing to deliver the unique, industry-leading capabilities that they depend on to get the job done. We’ve also introduced new capabilities and adapted the suite intelligently to respond to the changing environment and needs of our loyal users,” said Peter Hanschke, Director, Product Management, Productivity at Corel. “WordPerfect Office X6 is more than words and numbers- with its legendary formatting control, the suite encompasses a familiar set of powerful tools that are designed to help our users be as productive as possible, wherever their office may be.”

The new version of WordPerfect Office offers built-in PDF functionality and Microsoft® Office file format compatibility. The company noted the following new features and enhancements:

  • Multiple Monitor Support: Work on several documents at the same time  on separate monitors
  • Advanced Preview: Save time by previewing WordPerfect files in Windows® Explorer and as attachments in Microsoft Outlook® without having to open them. Right click on the WordPerfect file for a range of selections including the option to search, copy and select text, print the document or browse the file all within the new preview mode
  • Bates Numbering: Insert Bates numbers—unique, incremental numbers for identification—in WordPerfect documents individually or in batches.
  • Macros: With multiple find and replace capabilities and word search/highlight, these two new macros have been added with efficiency in mind
  • eBook Publisher:  create MOBI eBooks for devices such as the Kindle

The suite also incorporates Corel VideoStudio®Essentials X4; WinZip®, WinZip Courier™ and ZipSend™ for file compression and sharing on ZipSend’s cloud service; and BrainStorm® QuickHelp™  online video-based training .

Corel has also added the WordPerfect Document Viewer for Android (version 2.3 or higher) devices and can be downloaded from the Android Market in Google Play on May 4th. The WordPerfect Document Viewer is also available for the iPhone® and iPad® and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Corel WordPerfect Office X6 is now available in English and will be available in French on May 29th.  Pricing for the standard version begins at $159.99 for the upgrade and $249.99 for the full edition.  Corel also offers a Home & Student Edition,  a Professional Edition, and a Legal Edition.

Visit the website for Corel WordPerfect, or read the complete news release.

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