Coronavirus Special Edition: Job Searching During a Pandemic

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COVID-19. Pandemic. Face masks. Working remotely. Social distancing. These are the buzzwords and memes that have taken over our lives, seemingly overnight. But what about searching for a job? Yes, the job hunt still exists, but as with everything else, things are different now. Let me show you.

 5 Steps to Successful Job Search During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you lost your job during this crisis, you’re not alone — some estimates suggest as many as one in six Americans is now unemployed. Many retailers were forced to close and lay off staff. Same with dine-in restaurants and their waitstaff. This article resonated with me because it’s laid out like the five stages of grief, and even begins with taking time to grieve for the loss of your job. To paraphrase a key point, the job market has changed, but opportunities exist and some industries — I’m looking at you, healthcare — can’t hire fast enough. While you’re reading the following article, take some time to look at the rest of I highly recommend this site.

What Does the Coronavirus Pandemic Mean for Your Job Search?

Some industries may not be hiring immediately, because they’re still figuring out how to operate remotely. The work still has to get done, however, so they will be hiring at some point. Be there, front and center, ready to go when they are ready to hire. This article offers excellent advice on staying in touch with potential employers, going so far as suggesting WHAT you should say in your communications with them. I am down with staying in touch, but as to what to say, I would be clueless not to mention clumsy. The article also talks about how to gather intelligence on business you’re interested in, as well as how to boost your skills while you’re hunting for a job. And some of these methods for learning new things are FREE, so dive in, people! While you’re reading the following article, take some time to look at the rest of This is another site I highly recommend for all things job- and career-related.

How To Effectively Manage Your Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The idea of hunting for a new job can be a daunting prospect when times are normal. And this is not normal. Many people remain stumped as to how to proceed with job hunting in the coronavirus era. Hate your current job, but now afraid to jump ship? Unemployed but unsure as to your next step? This article puts together some critical information, including the kind of companies that are hiring now (tech and software to name just two), and one software company in particular. Read the article to find out who is hiring globally. The article talks about what to do if you’re unemployed now, how to build your personal brand, and why contracting or consulting might just be a better path forward than a traditional full-time position working for one company. I liked this article and I am now following the person on LinkedIn who was interviewed for the piece. Read the article to find out more.

It’s A Hard Time To Be Job Hunting, But Here’s How You Can Still Stand Out

The number of people who are filing for unemployment continues to skyrocket. If you are in need of work, how do you stand out in a sea of 26 million newly unemployed? Glad you asked. This article is honest enough to recommend that if you used to work in an industry hard hit recently, think retail or tourism, then you may want to start thinking about changing your line of work to something that uses similar skills. If you worked in tourism, for example, your soft people skills might be transferable to healthcare.

Job searching during the pandemic

The most important concept to remember here is, don’t give up. You will not be hired for 100 percent of the jobs you don’t apply for. I liked this piece because of its upbeat and positive slant.  It says jobs are still available and offers links to who is hiring. It also offers advice from various career professionals, links to more of their know-how, and links to instructional videos. The videos seem to be free, but that might not last forever, so watch them now! This LinkedIn piece was written by Andrew Seaman. I follow him and his #GetHired newsletter. I recommend you do the same. 


Yes, the coronavirus pandemic threw us off our game, but we are adjusting and modifying even now. And as I have heard and read many times now, this too shall pass.

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