Crocodoc Launches Enterprise-grade HTML5 Document Embedding Service

Crocodoc announced the immediate availability of the world’s first enterprise-grade HTML5 document embedding service for Microsoft Office and PDF files, which is already being used by customers including Dropbox, LinkedIn, Yammer, and SAP. The secure and scalable service features embedding of  high-quality documents into web-based products, which can then be viewed on any web browser or mobile device. The tool is customizable and allows developers to integrate embedding into web applications.

According to Crocodoc, the document embedding service and enterprise-grade viewer eliminate the need to leave the web browser to view or open documents or install additional applications to access them. The embedding service accommodates file syncing, enterprise collaboration, and online learning  applications.  Crocodoc reports that major clients have already implemented the document embedding service:

  • Dropbox: As part of their goal to enable simple, fast sharing of any type of file, Dropbox uses Crocodoc’s HTML5 document viewing solution to allow their users to view documents instantly in their web browsers and mobile devices without having to download large files or use desktop software to view them. “We needed a solution to power a fast, high quality document viewing experience that could scale for our growing user base and meet the high standards our users have come to expect,” said Ivan Kirigin, Product Manager at Dropbox. “Crocodoc was the only solution that met our requirements and they worked closely with us to provide the best custom integration possible.”
  • LinkedIn: As part of a major update to its flagship LinkedIn Recruiter product, Crocodoc enables recruiters to upload candidates’ resumes in Word and PDF format. Recruiters can then view candidates’ resumes alongside their LinkedIn profiles without having to download files and open them using desktop software – creating a seamless end-to-end user experience.
  • Yammer: As part of Yammer’s vision to make collaboration within the enterprise as seamless as possible, Yammer uses Crocodoc to allow its users to preview and mark up documents from within the browser. Yammer is the leading provider in enterprise social networking with over five million corporate users across 200,000 companies (including 85 percent of the Fortune 500).
  • SAP: SAP is intending to use Crocodoc in an upcoming version of Spotlight, an internally developed web-based application allowing sales and marketing teams in the field to access a repository of SAP’s key presentations and marketing assets. Because many customer presentations occur on the go and off-site, Crocodoc enables PowerPoint and other documents easily viewable on iPads and other mobile devices.

Crocodoc’s new document embedding service features integration with web applications using a iFrame or JavaScript library without the need for plugins, downloads, or desktop software. The viewer utilizes pure and CSS3 rendering to quickly  produce crisp text and images and a touch-based UI that works on iOS4+ and Android 2.2+. Look and feel is completely customizable to match customers’ applications, and incorporates built-in commenting, drawing  and markup tools.

Crocodoc offers 256-bit document encryption, on-premise storage options, and multiple deployment options including SaaS and private cloud.

“With the proliferation of devices in the enterprise and the workforce becoming more mobile, it’s critical for companies to build web applications that provide similar functionality as desktop apps,” says Ryan Damico, Crocodoc’s founder and CEO. “We’ve known that document previewing and technology has become more important than ever, and so we’ve spent the past few years developing the world’s most advanced web-based document viewing and collaboration technology for Microsoft Office and PDF files, built on open standards like HTML5 and CSS3.”

Crocodoc’s new API includes a collection of tools that makes it easy to build integrations with Crocodoc including detailed documentation with built-in API query generators  for rapid proof-of-concept integrations; custom CSS  to change the Crocodoc’s viewer look and feel to match the style of their web applications; and a client-side JavaScript framework that allows developers to build their own document viewer on top of Crocodoc’s core rendering engine.

The service is priced starts at pennies per document converted to HTML5, with discounts available for high-volume customers, and additional features and services such as white-labeling, on-premise storage integrations, and private cloud deployments are available. Crocodoc’s original document-sharing service for individuals, Crocodoc Personal, is available free of charge.

For more information, visit Crocodoc’s web site, or view the complete press release.


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