CyberText Newsletter: This Blog Rises to the Top (from Down Under)


I probably started following CyberText back in 2006 when I began technical writing. The author, Rhonda Bracey, began doing the newsletter and, later, her CyberText Newsletter blog, as a way to keep track of interesting processes and procedures she discovered. She also runs CyberText Consulting. More interesting still is that she is based in Australia. We technical writers might be quiet but we do get around!


You know where you are, right away, “CyberText Newsletter” headlines the top. With  a subhead that reads, “The official newsletter/blog of CyberText Consulting: Technical communication specialists.”

The page is never-ending, or bottomless, as far as I can tell. You may be able to scroll all the way down to the blog’s first post. I actually did scroll, on and on, for a minute or so. The background is white. The border is black. The logo and donation text are highlighted in a pleasant yellow. Blog posts are displayed on the left. The right column contains information and links. All in all, it’s a simple, no-nonsense layout that I can appreciate.

Treasure Trove of Digital Resources

Don’t overlook the right column. It contains a treasure trove of information and features such as a search function, donation button, Twitter button to follow Bracey, and that’s just for starters. Scroll down to see:


CyberText is presented simply, without a lot of glitz or glam, but packed full of good information. I added this blog to my feed reader under Technical Writing, and I check it fairly regularly. I suggest novice technical writers sign up for the weekly emails. I recommend the site and the email list for both novice and experienced technical writers.

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