Flypaper Introduces Digital Signage Software for Use Within PowerPoint

Flypaper, Inc. has introduced Flypaper Express™ digital signage software for use in creating robust  HD motion graphics to display within Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

“Flypaper Express provides a powerful solution for creating extraordinary digital signage content that is equally affordable and easy to use,” said Don Pierson, President and founder of Flypaper, Inc. “This new software enables anyone to become a digital signage content creation expert due to its simplicity and low $99 price point. Now, it is easier than ever to quickly create highly interactive motion graphics.”

Flypaper Express enables technical communications and elearning users to create broadcast quality, frame accurate motion graphics, and includes 10 templates and 150 layouts, as well as completed projects for reference. It produces output to most common HD motion graphics video formats as well as Flash, and can be used with any standards-based digital signage player. The company points out that Flypaper Express incorporates the PowerPoint to Flash capabilities available in its Flypaper™  tool for more advanced users.

Flypaper Studio, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trivantis Corporation and produces its content creation platform for both programmers and non-programmers interested in creating highly interactive and motion graphics content for use in technical communications and other areas. The Flypaper platform allows anyone to edit and manipulate components without touching programming code. Trivantis also produces Lectora®, its flagship product in the e-Learning software field.

Read the complete press release, or visit the Flypaper website.



12 years ago

Hi! I doubt it’s possible to buy such a good tool at the price which so low… It sounds like a catch. I prefer to use feature-limited iSpring Free rether than to fight with bugs of full featured, but non-working tool

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