Gizmodo: Stay Connected with Technology, not Ruled by it


I’ve been following Gizmodo for some time now. As with Mashable, when I first began writing for TechWhirl back in August of 2011, my editors suggested a number of blogs for me to follow. Gizmodo was one of them.

Layout and Content

I like Gizmodo because of the subjects they present. I find topics that interest me and which keep me connected to business and technology in a conversational fashion. These topics make for excellent lunch room or water cooler conversation at the office, especially when talk of politics can get you into hot water quickly these days. Let’s walk through what’s here.

The home page has a lot going on. There’s a lot for the eye to see, but it includes adequate white space to make navigating easy. Across the top is a menu with links to affiliate sites, including The A.V Club, Deadspin (sports news), and Lifehacker.

Below the Gizmodo header is a rotating horizontal menu of sections. When I visited, these sections included Video (all sorts of different videos), Review (reviews of technology relating to Home Entertainment, Smart Home, Smartphones, Laptops,Wearables, and so forth.), Science, and IO9 (entertainment-related articles).

Below this is another horizontal menu of sorts, but this menu emphasizes images with section tags and brief text descriptions. When I visited, I saw links to articles that had tags interesting to me, such as Natural Disasters and  Privacy and Security. I have noticed these tags rotate, perhaps on a weekly basis, and others take their place.

The bottom of the home page offers a subscription function as well as links to Gizmodo’s presence on social media.

The top portion of the home page is clearly front-loaded. You could spend time just exploring the uppermost menus and section. After you scroll through these menus and links, you arrive at the main portion of the website. The left third of the page contains ads and “You May Also Like” article teasers.

The right two-thirds of the page is devoted to articles on products you might be interested in, sponsored articles on products that are clearly marked as sponsored, as well as genuine articles of interest. When I visited, there were articles on current events with appropriate tags. Clicking the article link takes you to the page for that article. Clicking, for example, a weather link takes you to more articles on weather.

Gizmodo offers all sorts of tags to suit whatever mood you happen to be in. Clicking tags such as Google, News, and Privacy and Security will help to keep you up to date with technology and connected to what’s happening, but not overwhelmed. I recommend you explore the many tags on your own to find the ones that suit your interests.


Gizmodo is a must-see site packed with lots of goodies. A low-key way to stay up to date with what’s going on in business and technology. Follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me at I enjoy connecting with others in the industry.

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