The Help Files: Put Job Hunting in High Gear This Fall

windmill-speedAfter you drag yourself home from the beach, shake the sand out of your clothes, and contemplate going back to work, what’s your first thought? 

Warm feelings about your company, coworkers, boss, workload, and your beloved cube? Or do you really feel like screaming something unprintable?

If you’re eager to get back to the office, that’s great! We need more people like you.

If, on the other hand, your first reaction to going back to work is one of reluctance (dread?) instead of enthusiasm, fear not. We’ve harvested some great resources for this edition of The Help Files to kick your fall job search into high gear.

How To Snap Into Job-Search Mode On A Dime

If you’re anything like me, you don’t plan on initiating a job search anytime soon. You get up, get to work, do your thing, and get home. You do the same thing day after day. But what if something happens to disrupt your routine? Your company could be sold, it could be bought, your company could lose a large contract. If any of these events occur, you could be laid off. What do you do if today was your last day at your old job? Don’t worry. J.T. O’Donnell has a few tips to help you stay calm, cool, and professional.

3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research

So your job hunt is on! Getting started is always the hard part. Now you need to build a target list of companies. Why? Because a company might list a perfect position, but your potential boss might be terrible. Or the job might list the perfect salary range, but the company culture might be toxic. Maybe they don’t offer flextime, which is something that you really want. So why bother responding to a job ad when you might discover that you don’t like the company six months down the road? Do your research now. What kind of company do you want to work for? How much of a commute do you want? Read this article on WorkItDaily to find out where and how to do your company research.

How to Find a Great Job and Get Hired (In the Next 30 Days)

Don’t panic because you lost your job and you just got the mortgage bill in the mail. I can’t help you with the mortgage, but I can help you with job hunting. I recommend you read this article posted on This 30-day formula should get you started.

The Ultimate Guide to Updating Your Resume

Want to start looking around for a new job? Realize that your resume is out-of-date? Most of us have been there, done that. That resume update task ranks up there with going to the dentist. How long should it be? Can’t remember your accomplishments? Read this post on resumes before you break out into a cold sweat. The great people at The Muse can help you.

My Favorite Job Search Websites

Last time I looked for a job, I had an account on Is that website still recommended for job searching? Who knows what the best websites are now for job searching? Read this post on LinkedIn to find out.

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