ig5 Authoring Tools Releases DITAToo 1.6

ig5 Authoring Toolsig5 Authoring Tools, well-known producer of plug-ins to extend Adobe FrameMaker announced release of DITAToo v1.6 with new content conversion and publishing capabilities to support technical communications and other related publishing needs throughout the enterprise.

Among the features in the DITAToo 1.6 release are enhancements to publishing profiles that allow users to define and store combinations of conditional attributes and their values, and select from different profiles during  the publishing process.  In addition, DITAToo now generates DITAVAL files from publishing profiles, and allows downloading of all project files for publishing outside of DITAToo.

Technical writing and technical communications teams working with legacy content from other sources can take advantage of several new or improved conversion features

  •  MS Word to DITA conversion improvements: automatic identification of concepts and tasks from legacy word documents and conversion to applicable DITA topics; uploading and sorting of converted files to automatically created files; and faster conversion from MS Word.
  • Conversion of text files to DITA.
  • Conversion between DITA information types, such as conversion from topic to concept, or concept to topic.

DITAToo 1.5 also incorporates a built-in viewer to preview DITA topics, including images and “conrefed” content.  The tool can automatically generate unique topic IDs when creating topics within DITAToo.

The new release supports both DITA 1.1 and DITA 1.2 standards and integrates with DITA-aware editors. In addition to DITAToo,  iG5 Authoring Tools creates and distributes several utilities that automate FrameMaker workflows and facilitate authoring and publishing processes. Visit the DITAToo website or ig5 Authoring Tools website.

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