LavaCon Conference 2013 Experience — Go From Tactical to Holistic for Content Strategy

As more content professionals work towards managing the content lifecycle for their organizations, they continue to seek tactical assistance, while longing for an integrated, comprehensive strategy. One way to head towards that goal is to head to LavaCon 2013 in Portland, OR, October 20-24.

LavaCon 2013 offers four days of breakout sessions and hands on workshops on content strategy and multichannel digital publishing, and the theme for LavaCon in 2013 is “Adopting a Holistic Approach to Content Strategy.” Even when businesses begin to grasp the value of content management, too often they focus on tactical or business silos needs for content.  However, the rise in content types (print, web, ebooks, video), uses (marketing, sales, support, training, etc.) and publishing channels (print, laptops, smartphones, tablets) is making this approach obsolete. And businesses that find ways to embrace a holistic approach can eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improving the value that content delivers – to customers and the business.

Picture yourself at LavaCon, where you can embrace a holistic approach to content strategy and multichannel digital publishing

Picture yourself at LavaCon, where you can embrace a holistic approach to content strategy and multichannel digital publishing

The shift to a holistic content strategy means moving away from “providing content” to “solving business problems”.  Thus, LavaCon Conference brings together renowned content strategists and thought leaders who are leading this transformation with the practitioners who are responsible for execution. The companies presenting case studies in our 2013 program include Cisco Systems, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware, Juniper Networks, SAS, Sage Software,, and more, to showcase content  solutions to business problems.  Speakers will explore the evolution of content professionals in this new integrated content world.  Content pros can find sessions to focus on the practical aspects of building a content strategy business case, and how to engage, influence, and sell it to senior executives. Other sessions will demonstrate ways to make delivering content more efficient, to do resource planning and budgeting for your content strategy, and more.

It’s one thing to read articles or hear people talk about implementing successful content strategies; it’s another to engage with peers who are successfully doing it. So attendees should look beyond the main sessions on October 21 – 23, to LavaCon’s hands on pre- and post-conference workshops.  Workshops provide formal opportunities to interact with peers and thought leaders but, LavaCon also provides ample opportunities to network with peers in relaxed social environments.

Culinary surprises such as the donut tree can give new meaning to "holistic."

Culinary surprises such as the donut tree can give new meaning to “holistic.”

The organizers of LavaCon are excited to be in Portland, Oregon again this year so that attendees can take advantage of the city’s beauty and its growing foodie reputation.  LavaCon works hard to bring the bounty of Oregon to its attendees by focusing on local, sustainable food during the conference.  This year LavaCon is also organizing pre-conference outings including a beautiful Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Tour and a Microbrewery and Culinary Tour.

Relaxing and socializing with peers can be where the biggest insights occur, so LavaCon attendees are encouraged to get out and explore the city after conference hours. LavaCon regularly updates Its Facebook page and Twitter account with suggestions for Portland events, places to visit or the latest culinary opportunities.  Think of it as part of the holistic approach of LavaCon: sharing strategy, practical insight, best practices, knowledge, and food and drink.

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Visit for information on registration, program tracks and sessions, and social gatherings.

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