Lexaltyics Powers Reputation Monitoring in Bitly Enterprise 2.0

Lexalytics, Inc., a leading provider of text and sentiment analysis software, announced that its Salience sentiment analysis technology powers Bitly’s new Reputation Monitoring service introduced with the release of Bitly Enterprise 2.0.

Bitly’s social media/ reputation monitoring service helps companies enhance their brands by identifying opportunities to shape discussions around relevant topics early in the trending curve, and helps companies identify potential threats to their brands so that they can take preventative action quickly.

“With our new monitoring service, companies are able to respond to social content that impacts their brand much more quickly and proactively,” said Peter Stern, CEO, Bitly. “Not only will the system identify topics about to go viral, the service also indicates whether the tone of the content is trending positive or negative — it will even send alerts if a sudden shift in sentiment occurs.”

Bitly, the largest link-sharing platform on the web,  supports Fortune 1000 companies with  Bitly Enterprise 2.0, which provides  a complete picture of social distribution and actionable insights from a single dashboard.  Bitly Enterprise 2.0 was in private beta since November, 2011, and the current release features the new reputation monitoring service based on Lexalytics’ sentiment analysis technology, Salience. Salience is an advanced, multi-lingual text analysis engine developed by Lexalytics, offered only as an OEM product, and integrated into a several Big Data analytics systems for business intelligence, (social) media monitoring, reputation management, automated trading, survey analysis, and customer satisfaction.

“There’s no question social media can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation to the point that it can affect sales and the company’s stock price or valuation,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics. “Bitly Enterprise 2.0 is at the cutting edge of reputation management and is an invaluable tool for companies in a world that is increasingly social. It is also a great example of the growing importance of effective text analysis and the types of innovative applications that can be built on top of Salience.”

Lexalytics, Inc. specializes in text and sentiment analysis for social media monitoring, reputation management and entity-level text and sentiment analysis across content repositories on sources like Twitter, blogs, forums, web sites and in-house documents. Lexalytics provides the context necessary for informed critical business decisions.  Lexalytics partners with industry leaders such as Bitly, Endeca, Thomson Reuters, Radian 6 and TripAdvisor to deliver the most effective sentiment and text analysis solutions in the industry.

Visit the Lexalytics website, or view the full press release.

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