Lingoport Releases Internationalization Software Globalyzer 4.0

Lingoport, a leading provider of internationalization consulting services and and software products, announced the release of Globalyzer 4.0, with a fully functional development editor, and improved capabilities as a stand-alone workbench or as an Eclipse™ 3.7 plug-in.

Lingoport CEO Adam Asnes states: “Globalyzer 4.0 is a very significant release for our customers and the software industry as companies compete for global customers more than ever before. A prime company goal is to help our clients build and release software that works gracefully for worldwide customers, rather than having to absorb delays and difficulties getting global releases out. Globalyzer 4.0 enables software developers to write, scan, fix and test internationalization issues directly within the development environment.” He continues, “Internationalization can now be performed in real-time, thus saving enterprises time and money when developing software applications for worldwide release.”

Additional enhancements, described in the   Globalyzer 4.0 release notes , include more powerful searching, a new resource file editor and manager, improved Globalyzer help, improved pseudo-localization, and enhanced editing and more.

“The new release reflects a better understanding how our customers develop software, and our long-term strategic planning to better anticipate how their needs will evolve,” notes Adam Blau, VP of Sales at Lingoport. “This cements Lingoport ’s commitment to support software enterprises in reaching global markets faster and with less expense.”

Globalyzer 4.0 will be presented in an hour long webinar on Thursday, April 19th at 11am PT. Attendees can watch as Olivier Libouban, Lingoport’s Globalization Lead, demonstrates working with source code to find, externalize, manage, validate and pseudo-localize strings, finding  and fixing locale-limiting methods such as date/time and managing multiple Globalyzer projects.  Globalyzer is available as a free trial.

Lingoport helps technology companies adapt their software for worldwide markets with expert internationalization and localization consulting and Globalyzer software. Globalyzer, a market leading internationalization software system, helps entire enterprises and development teams to effectively internationalize existing and ongoing source code development to prepare their applications for localization.

Visit the Lingoport website, view Globalyzer product information or  read the full news release.


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