Liquid Technologies Liquid Data Mapper for XML Data Now in Beta

Liquid Technologies announced the beta release of Liquid Data Mapper, completing of its Liquid XML Studio suite complete its multi-functional XML toolkit. Liquid Data Mapper is suited to organizations of any size where developers, technical communications professionals and non-technical staff must work with large amounts of XML data.

Liquid Technologies positions Liquid Data Mapper as a highly effective data mapping and XML data mapping program that provides graphical mapping of XML data fields from source to destination, with extensive control through manual transforms. Features of Liquid Data Mapper include capabilities to set source and destination goals, switch between design and source view, generate filter rules, write logical expressions, and output generated code in a range of formats, such as XSLT and XQuery. Users can specify an XML instance file to build a mapping component or use any XML schema or namespace aware DTDs to transform XML data from one structure to any other XML structure.

The company is seeking beta testers to work with Liquid Data Mapper and provide feedback on enhancements and improvements prior to first release, currently scheduled for March 2012. Interested parties can participate in the beta program by downloading a trial version of Liquid XML Studio and registering on the Liquid Technologies forum website, where feedback should be provided.

In addition to Liquid Data Mapper, the Liquid XML Studio toolkit and IDE, contains XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, XSLT Editor/Debugger, XQuery Editor/Debugger, XPath Expression Builder, HTML Documentation Generator, XML Diff-Compare, and Web Service Tools. Liquid Technologies Ltd, supplies productivity tools for XML software developers conforming to the W3C standards.

Visit the Liquid Technologies website, or view details on Liquid Data Mapper.

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