MindTouch Releases Top Tech Comm Influencers for 2011

MindTouch techcomm influencer top10

Thursday, MindTouch released their Top Influencers list for 2011.  Expanding their lists from 2010, this year they provided a more robust list including Top Listeners, Most Influential, Most Emergent, Most Followed, Oldest and Most Frequent Tweeters.  In addition to their top 10 lists, they also released a Top 400 list to Twitter.

Winners for each category are:

Top 10 Most Influential

  1. image description@tomjohnson | Tom Johnson
    Technical writer, blogger, podcaster in Salt Lake City, Utah
    Influence: 256

Most Emergent

  1. image description
    @ATC_intl| ATC Tweets from the Association of Technical Communicators #atcomm. emergence ratio: 0.4664

Top 10 Most Followed

  1. image description@WritingTechDocs | Catherine Hibbard
    I deliver onsite technical writing training seminars. It is focused on groups who write technical documents, technical reports, and policies and procedures.

Top 10 Oldest Accounts

  1. image description@adrianh | Adrian Howard
    Passionate about creating great software. User Experience advocate. Agile fanatic. Testing bigot. Lean Startup convert.

Top 10 Most Frequent Tweeters

  1. image description@bshermcincy | Bryan Sherman
    Instructional Design and Delivery consultant. Photographer Wannabe. Father. Urban resident. Tech Writer @ The-Gadgeteer.com. Pseudo-Foodie @ pFoody.com.

Entire  Top Influencers for 2011

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